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San Juan Sunset
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images by: David Tarsi

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Included in these pictures are some of old growth trees in state parks. There are also pictures of trees in private protected forests not yet considered old growth. These forests are what has grown since the massive deforestation of the late 19th and early 20th centuries due to destructive unregulated logging practices such as "clear cutting" (removing all the trees in a given area). The extent of damage that was brought on by these practices is not evident at this time even though thousands of acres of trees that were 6 to 8 feet (and larger) in diameter and hundreds of years old were wiped out in a period of less than 50 years.

We are indeed fortunate because there is still some old growth forest left and additionally there is some second growth forest that may survive to become old growth. We have the opportunity now to save this if action is taken.

Trees can get very large here because of the soil conditions and climate which includes considerable rainfall particularly in the winter. Rainfall records can be found here and here.

bike trail
Centennial Bike Trail
Ice storm in Washington state (January 2003)
ice_storm gate picture
Ice storm in Washington state (January 2003)
Old growth tree
Old growth fir tree
Snoqualmie fallsSnoqualmie Falls

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