I m a g e s   O f   W a s h i n g t o n   S t a t e
San Juan Sunset
images by: David Tarsi

G h o s t   H o u s e
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This picture totally blew me away. The ONLY processing I did was lighten it up slightly and size it for the page. What is that green house image in the middle? This picture was taken during a sunset in the forest on non-public property in east Snohomish county. There are no houses or buildings within at least 600 feet of where you see the strange house image, although there are other buildings - but they are NOWHERE near the strange green image in the photo. The area where the image is consists of a large gully about 35 feet below the average terrain and at least 100 feet wide. The best non-supernatural explanation I have been able to come up with is that the sunlight was reflecting off of another building somewhere distant and the mist in the forest was just dense enough to catch the light reflecting back from the building due to the angle of the sunlight; and I happened to take the picture at just the right time and place to catch the reflection...? The problem is that the closest neighbors don't have buildings that exactly resemble the one in the image and the forest is very dense.

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